News update: we have an apartment at the complex we wanted.

In other news: look at this
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Spread some joy. Watch this it will make you laugh.

Hey more reasons to get excited about the move: I get a bigger vehicle to drive!
I just found out that the bass player from The Dead Milkmen died. Wow, I spent so much time listening to them growing up. I saw them in concert and got to meet them once too. I guess you know you are getting old when you watch the passing (albeit not from natural causes) of your faveorite musicians and think about your own mortality. How ironic that this touched me more than all of those poor Spanish people who were killed yesterday. But then again, they never played Punk Rock Girl on stage for me before.

I will play some Dead Milkmen in honor of Dave Blood today. I will pray extra hard for the victims of terrorism and thier families.
Ok, breathing deeply and realizing that the big move is a new chapter in our big adventure, there will be more moves after this one too. B R E A T H E.

Jason helped me get excited about the move by taking me to Bed Bath & Beyond this weekend. Suddenly things don't seem as dismal when visions of new bath fixtures and candle sconces dance in my head. decorations...mmmmm.

Besides, I realized today that South Florida WILL NOT be demolished after we move. It will still be here for us to return to one day. The wild parrots will stay wild, the manatees will still roll on their backs so tourists can scratch their bellies, the geckos will still run up and down the sidewalks and buildings, the sea turtles will still lay eggs on the sand here...getting verklempt...taking a moment...Topic: jellyfish are neither made of jelly nor are real fish...discuss...ok, now I am better.

Moving on. I am so excited for the 3rd Harry Potter movie that I could puke slugs. I watch the trailer over and over again, memorizing each detail and singing the song word for word. Why can't I just jump into Harry Potter's world. I really want to. Jason and Connor could come with me and we could grow new fingers and toes for him with Madame Pomfrey's Skelegrow. I already have my own pet rat, two actually. I'd fit in really!

The only thing that sucks about the movie is that it opens on June 4th, right in the middle of our projected move. Bother. Bother bother bother bother. Bother.

To further illustrate my feelings on this click here and here