Your positive mojo worked, the stomach flu was very mild, just a few cramps here and there.

Now your next mojo-sending project is to help us(and Connor)to take this potty-training thing to the next level: bedtime. As I type this Connor has had three stories read to him, teeth brushed and I am listening to Jason's lecture about going "pee pee on they potty and then right back to bed". My turn to step in and enforce the effort. Wish us luck!
The K family has had the stomach flu for the last few days. Regular puking, hiny-butt puking, cramps, midnight crying and sheet changing...the works. Connor got it first, then Jason, then Alanna. Jason has been the worst, just violently ill. When a doctor wants to go to the hospital to get a few pints of fluid in him, he's really sick.

But when you see the other three people in your house get sick, you know it's going to get you too. I have been watching and waiting, anticipating my very own stomach bug so this can be a complete family fun fest. It all starts with the stomach cramps for a few days, which have been annoying me all day. Here it comes. Will it be a merciful smack to the head or an all out brawl where I worship the porcelain bowl for days on end from both sides of my digestive tract?

I'm on pins and needles.

But man won't it be a great jumpstart to my weight loss plan? "Colleen you look FABULOUS! How did you loose so much weight, and why do you smell so bad. What is your secret diet?" Forget the South Beach Plan, try the Chunder Beach Plan! OK, have to go rest my tummy now. Wish me well.
My birthday went well, hip hip horay for day spas! My darling hubby made my veggie sushi upon request and even took Alanna to the Commissary to get the ingredients. A man who braves that awful place for me is my hero!

I am excited about gaining 7 pounds...why you ask? Because it is only 7 pounds. Considering the holiday gorging I did I am proud of that. I am even more proud that I did not let guilt set in one damn time, I fought it all the way! I reminded myself that I KNOW how to lose weight and it will be easy to slip back into my new lifestle of fitness and eating right. I have thrown away most of the junk food we accumulated, and will get rid of my cake and the remaining chips today. Yea living healthier in 2007!

Joy for the day: stealing time to myself to read the newest Archeology Magazine (LOVE IT!)I read it from cover to cover when it arrives.

Also, I booked my first party! My friend Tracy is going to have a party Feb 2, I can't wait to book more.

Here is a little secret between you, me and the Internet: I am bringing my Passion Party kit to the Resident Retreat later this month. Can't you just see it? A bunch of drunken doctors at a rented cabin for the weekend and me doing an impromtu Passion Party! We'll see if it works, but I bet they will think a couple of vibrating products will be really funny after some shots of Jagermeister!