I am back from my vacation. Vermont was 40 degrees and slushy. Out of 78 ski slopes there were 9 open, 8 of which were too hard for Connor to ski, and the one green they had open was way too scary for him. We drove to another ski resort an hour away where they had a cute little bunny slope that all 3 of us could enjoy. We got about 3 actual hours of skiing togetherness the whole week. But at least we got that!

The highlight of the trip was the 2 person jacuzzi in the master bedroom, it had a shelf above it witha tv on it! Woohoo! Jason and I put the kids to bed and had a steamy saok with a cold beer in hand while we watched "It's a Wonderful Life"! Way cool. The condo where we stayed was very relaxing and cozy. Alanna went to daycare for a few days and had a GREAT time. The kids facilities were really superb. Too bad the weather was too warm for snowmaking/skiing. It was kind of like visiting Disney World with 3/4 of the rides broken and a hurricane on the horrizon. Oh well, We made the best of it.

The highlight was the visit to the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. YUMMMMM! Vermont is so pround of their ice cream that I swear they sell it on the street corners. We ate a lot of Ben and Jerry's on this trip. I discovered Carmel Sutra: chocolate ice cream with chocolate ships on one side and carmel ice cream on the other side with a core of molten carmel in the center of the pint. Ice Cream Gasm!

Oh, and Christmas was ok too. But thank goodness all of that is over. Now all I have to worry about is turning 32 next week. Whooptedoo. I get a spa day to kids or family members screwing things up..just me getting pampered. Am I really going to be that old? Crap.
That's the sound I'll be making on the slopes this week. By the time you read this I will be in Vermont for a ski vacation. Outta here!
Why have I had such crazy ranting blogs latley? Could be the stress. Connor has had 2 emergency procedures in the past two weeks. After 2 months of on again off again ear infections with puss, gunk and then blood coming out of his ears the ENT finally did something about it other than medicate him, he did some exploratory surgery and found polyps in his eardrum. They can't be removed, but yet another medication can be administered to them and finally make his ear better...that and some even newer tubes than the ones he got in September. I convinced him that a Minke whale was in his ear, and his surgeon had to get it out. Yep, Dr. H handed it to him right after his surgery. He now has a Minke whale named "Polyp", who by the way is very happy not to be swimming in Connor's ear any more.

Yesterday Connor had an emergency tooth extraction after we found and abscess right above one of his front teeth, (well his only front tooth left after he pushed the other one up into his gums from falling into his train table a few months back). The reason this is so awful is that for a kid with a cleft palate, that area is worth $1 million dollars in terms of holding his face together. Remove teeth from that area and the bone does not have a good reason to stay strong. It causes pain in the pit of my stomach to think about what could happen if that area has bone problems. Even typing this I have tears in my eyes and my hands are shaking. This kid has just been through SO much. Even with the best Peds dentist the Navy has to offer it was awful. We had to wait outside the room and could hear Connor scream as the tooth came out. He had plenty of anesthesia, but it was traumatic for him, and for us. As a parent you just want to take the pain away, I'd gladly take his place to spare him an ounce of the pain he has been through. It was a good thing we found the abscess right away, he had a big brown hole going through the center of his tooth that could not be seen from the front. Trouble had been brewing.

Needless to say his dentist found a whale up in his gums, his name is "Abscess". His dentist gave him Abscess right after the tooth came out, and Connor was cradling it when we were allowed back in. Abscess the blue whale and Polyp the Minke whale are best buddies now, and are telling each other about the adventures they had swimming around in Connor's head, I on the other hand am running out of stocking stuffers for Connor! I am praying that no more "whales" need to come out of Connor any time soon!

Connor comes though everything like a champ though. He was making his new whales dance and told me they were going to go to France. I asked him about what was in France and he told me people. I started to tell him about what is in France and the whales didn't want to go to that France...they were going to "Whale France". I don't know where Whale France is, but I hope it is fun.
I am having a love/hate relationship with famous Australians right now. Why? Because I get too attached to them. The loss of Steve Irwin is still a hole in my heart. Now Greg Page of The Wiggles has to leave the group due to health issues. Thank goodness he was not savaged by a Tasmanian Devil or anything, at least there will not be retribution attacks like there were on stingrays after the Crocodile Hunter's death! But once again, I make The Wiggles a regular part of my life with Play House Disney, cds and dvds, was planning to take my children to see them and now am heartbroken.

Yes I need help, I get WAY too attatched to people on TV. Don't you think I know that? This is part of my therapy...getting it out of my system.

Fortunately The Wiggles are still going to perform, albeit with a replacement Wiggle. My kids will never know, but I will. Why GOD? Why Greg?

At least it was not Anthony, the blue Wiggle, he is my favorite...rrrrowww. Oh I am so completely mental, I think one of The Wiggles is sexy! Hmm, I'd like to touch Anthony's hot potato. STOP! STOP! I am calling TriCare right now to make a shrink appointment. He'll probably tell me to stop watching kid's television.

Next to go will be Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, two other Australians I really like. The rest of The Wiggles better watch out too. Stock up on memorabilia now, if they are Australian and I like them, they are SO screwed.

Then again my absolute favorite Australian, The Great Barrier Reef, is in jeopardy anyway due to environmental factors. It is one of my life long dreams to scuba dive there. By the time the kids are old enough and we can afford it, there will be one little reef left the size of a Pinto, and one shark circling it with a bum fin and a hacking cough holding out a tin can to tourists with a sign taped to his side saying "Will pretend to look ferocious for food". Crap.

I need to go back to bed and pretend this bad mood never happened.