I got the short hair mopes out of my system and am fine again. A little gel and life will be fine. :)
Shorn locks of despair I rebuke you
there is no Control Z to undo you,
no Control Alt Delete to restart this chopped disaster,
only 6 months of wearing hats wishing my hair grew faster.

Tentacles of love reduced to bleeding stumps
I bleed, I bleed, I bleed...

What was supposed to be an uplifting hour of beauty
has turned to guerilla warfare on my head
a passing glance at a mirror fills me with dread.

I read a book or watch TV to recharge with a new perspective
But in the the end I am reminded, and it sucks my will to live

I run my fingers through what should be sleek and alluring
what I find is butchered, bruised, hacked and uneven
no further cutting can repair this mullet I am enduring

Call me utterly vain, psychotic if you dare
but nothing you say could hurt me more than ruining my hair.

UPDATE: Ok, seeing Brittany's awful haircut actually makes me feel a little bit better about mine, I am not bald at least.
Hearing him roll over in the middle of the night and mumble "Potassium!"

or months later...

Kissing him goodnight (after he fell asleep before me) and having him ask me "Are there a lot of diabetics in that group?" I was puzzeled and he restated "Are there a lot of diabetics in that crew?" What do I say to that? "Yes Honey, goodnight." I kissed him on the forehead and went to sleep.
Finally I blog about positive news, not just me venting. Jason talked to the assignments officer today and he said we were 90% assured of going to Eglin AFB. Yea Florida! TJ & Nicole are SOOO coming to swim with the manatees!

We might even get written confirmation next month. Yea Florida!

Then one of the "Crocodile Hunter" episodes filmed at Eglin came on the tv and Jason and I looked at each other like "it's a sign". Yea Florida.

Keep your fingers crossed! I'll fill you in on Dee as soon as she knows something.

About the kitty: apparently cats are good at not being a hospital environment for heart worms, unlike dogs. So if we keep him healthy, treating the symptoms, chances are good that the adult worms will just die off and he will be fine. Thanks for the positive kitty mojo!
There is so much going on around here that I am just overwhelmed. Between my new business, preschool, colds and coughs that keep us up all night, 30 hour shifts at the hospital, a cat with newly diagnosed heart worms and a house that keeps forming piles of stuff everywhere, I am a bit overwhelmed!

My business is really taking off, I am shocked at how easy it has been to book parties! I have 4 booked for February, 3 booked for March and 1 for April already! AHH! Every party that I have done has generated another party off of it and then some. I signed up to do a booth at a Bridal Fair on another base...but now I don't even want to do it because I am getting booked so quickly I don't need the leads! Now the problem is sorting through the finances and figuring out how to run this and make a profit while keeping some stock on hand. This has been quite a learning experience for Jason and I, but a really good one if we want to run a real business like our own practice one day!

I am enjoying the parties though, I get to dress up and laugh my butt off with other ladies while I earn money for our family vacations. Any chance to break out of the Mommy Uniform: jeans, cotton shirt in accordance with the season and comfortable shoes of some type, is a good thing to lift my spirits. Just the fact that I was always one of those girls who did not get along with other girls growing up...and now I have turned that around is quite an accomplishment for me. Sure, there are still some snots who will look down their noses at me, but I am the one having all of the fun and they are not. Nya nya na nya nyaaaaa. Look on biaatches, you don't know what you are missing and I don't care.

I made an executive decision that my business will pay for one housecleaning a month. Sure, our regular finances will have to pay for the second bi-monthly cleaning but that way Jason can't complain that much. I told him it was either have someone come and help me clean, or go on an anti-depressant...I just can't deal with the battle of the bulging mess that I seem to be losing. Back in the day we used to clean together, now it seems like we have 5 minutes after we put the kids to bed and before he passes out from exhaustion to even say "Hi" to each other, let alone get lingering household chores done. I feel bad begging him to help me after he has been taking care of patients for 12 hours straight. I mean I do it, but I feel bad. Lol. So true.

So "Katie" comes tomorrow to help me take control of this mess. I hope to be feeling on cloud 9 after some of these chores finally get taken care of!

I don't mean to leave you hanging when it comes to my cat. The test came back positive, but not in a high amount, so they think it can be treated...but I am unsure about a lot of the diagnosis, so I will keep you informed as I know more.

Oh and did I mention that my best friend from childhood has some yucky changes in her breasts that might be really bad? I am just trying to send her positive mojo with every breath. Send positive mojo to my friend Dee!!!

Coming up next on this blog: stuff I've learned from the new Passion Parties book.