Parabens are in just about everything we put on our bodies...deodorant, cosmetics, lotions, face masks cleansers...and they are known to act as weak forms of the hormone estrogen and a recent study showed that 6 different kinds of parabens were found in breast cancer tissue samples.


Look in your personal care products, you WILL find parabens in there. Could it be possible that we are slathering ourselves in products that disrupt our normal hormones and lead to cancers, especially brest cancer? Every product I own from Bath and Body Works has parabens, Origins too! Why is it that now more than ever women still have acne into their later years? We are putting hormone disrupting lotions on our bodies and faces and thiking it will cause no harm. This freaks me out!!!

Read about the study from a breast cancer site (breast

I also found out today that the baby wash I use on my children contain high levels of 1,4-Dioxane, a petroleum derived contaminant considered a probable carcinogen by the EPA and suspected by others to cause birth defects. Crap. What does the EPA do but sit around torturing animals for the fuck of it just to allow us to slather ourselves in carcinogens so that one day decades from now we can point to all of the chemicals we dump into our cosmetics, toiletries, food and water supply and prove that cause cancer and birth defects?

Read about it here. I bet the stuff you are washing your children with is on this list.

What are we supposed to do?