Joy For The Day

Here is my JOY for the day: less than 24 hours after little Connor gets two surgeries, (new ear tubes and tear duct roto-routering) he is singing, screaming, running and all around bouncing off of the walls. No pain medication either! What a trooper, I tell ya.

Our experience at the hospital was cool too, unlike at Jo Dimaggio Children's Hospital where Connor was always in a crib/cage, yesterday he was in a big person bed, so I got in it with him while he was in recovery. He snuggled on my lap - rare event, due only to drugs - munched on snacks and watched cartoons. It was kind of fun. Then we were home by two, you'd have thought we were just gone for a play date.

Jason worked all night...14 hours and got off at 7:30 AM, the time that we had to show up for surgery. He slept on the waiting room couch, then said "hi" to Connor when he woke up before finally going home to sleep. Man, being married to a doctor is so cool. The 1/2 hour we spend together everyday is just SO worth it all. Anyway, I digress, this is about Connor and how cool he is.

Anyway, yet another cool thing. Here is proof from GOD yet again that George Bush is DA DEBIL, take a look at the paths of these hurricanes and divide them by electorial status. Just goes to show...
I just spent the last half hour explaining why I was happy right now, then Blogger ate my post and it was lost. So screw it.

I am still happy despite the loss of my 2,000 word essay on why I am happy, so maybe the 2 glasses of wine are a good thing afterall.

The important thing here is to get out the vote and make sure that this scary Bush over Kerry poll jump is just a minor glitch in the system. For all that is holy in this world people, get Bush out of office! Elect my cat for jeebus sake but not that idiot again! Americans are smarter than this. End terrorism, stop Bush.

Oh, and despite this little tirade, I am actually very content and happy, so create some joy in your own lives (get Bush out of office).

Peace out.
Pay no attention to that woman swinging from the light fixture!

So here is the update since I have not blogged in so long. We moved to beautiful Andrews Air Force Base, home of Air Force One, rah rah go team! Yo Joe! What not.

We are now living la vida 2-story luxury. The dogs like the back yard, the flies like the dog poop. My mom likes the cheap groceries at the commisary and I like the friendly neighbors. In a scene quite like a 1950's TV show, we went for a walk last night as a family and all of the neighbors came out to greet us. They even brought out a cute bunny for me to pet. What no slippers and a pipe? Apparently there are 2 toddlers Connor's age right next to us. Cool. There is even a "girls night out" for us house wives planned for October. Freaky deakey.

My mom brought her dog over for a visit today (she is still breast feeding her I swear) and her dog let my two dogs out of our fence. A neighbor I had not met knocked on the door and told us about it, then got his tools and fixed the gate for us! All while wearing his flight suit. Hmmm, what other services does the Air Force offer? And can they bring thier flight suit for that too? You can knock on my door anytime Mr. Top Gun looking dude. I'll give you a fence to fix.

**** Ooops sorry, that was Paulene, she sneaks out occasionally. Mostly she comes out after I have had too much to drink and then I have to find out what she did the next day. She swings from light fixtures, knocks over sound equipment when bands are playing, kisses other girls, likes to be spanked. She is a total freak.*****

I probably shouldn't have told you that. Ok, look closely into this beam of red light. You never read this blog entry, and are hungry for potato soup for some odd reason. Carry on with your day.