I am still alive. Don't call out the search parties yet. I just finished birthday party #1 for Connor with his playgroup buddies, tomorrow we assamble things from Ikea for his room and put up a new border. New bed, new bedding (WHALE!),new theme. We have so much to do my head is spinning.

My boy is getting older. Can you believe he will be 3 on Sunday?

Then I have to turn right around and put together Alanna's first birthday party.

Sunrise, sunset. I am so tired I could fall asleep at the keyboard, I can't believe I have to put on another party AND face all of my relatives at the same time! Help me Jebus.
Like Harry Potter and need a laugh. Check out a band called Draco and the Malfoys

Pretty funny lyrics for those of us in the Potter in-crowd.
For all the ladies, in honor of Mother's Day.

My job as a stay-at-hom mom would earn me $154,000 if all of the roles I play were performed on a job outside my home. See how much you are worth.
Julee had this on her site and it sounded like fun. Problem is, I am pretty abnormal to start with, so here goes.

1. The Dorito Ball. When no one is around I like to eat Doritos in weird ways. Not a crazy sounding wacky fact be keep reading. My sister and I would get a large bag of Doritoes every Friday night when we were little and had to finish it by Sunday because it WOULD be taken away, so we made a sport out of different ways to eat them: sucking the cheese off and then putting them in a bowl in the refrigerator and so on. My favorite way is to suck the cheese off, chew them up and then make a Dorito ball out of them. When I have a large ball I eat it...for the second time. I mentally thank my mom for the weird eating habits I have, she screwed up her kids so much in this area.

2. Continuing on this theme, since we had no other snack food in the house during the weekdays, my sister and I would make cake batter and eat it like pudding. My mother had no snack food because she was afraid she'd eat it all, but stocked up on boxes of cake mix like Betty Crocker was going out of business. We'd make up a batch of cake mix and eat as much as we could in one sitting, the rest we'd put in the fridge for later, next to the Doritos with the cheese sucked off of them.

3. I have problems telling time with the big hand little hand method. Yes I learned in school like everyone else, I just have a mental block when it comes to being able to read clocks like that. I have to really stare at it and count, for like 15 minutes.

4. I hate letters and numbers being together. I took Algebra 1 three separate times and still couldn't get it right. Letters and numbers need to be kept far away from each other. I hate math so much that it is painful.

5. I still sleep with a stuffed animal. No not like just on the bed, but in my arms. Bunny has been with me since 1989 and I get antsy without him in my arms.

6. I grew up in a house that had a ghost. My house was over 100 years-old anyway and creeped my out, but as I got older it got more interesting. My Dad saw the ghost a few times when I was younger and described her as a matronly lady dressed in very old-fashioned clothing. Years later a mailman who was a friend of my sister, and very well respected, asked my Dad who was the elderly woman that would stare at him from the front door while he delivered mail on the porch. There was no elderly woman in our house. The first time I brought Jason home to meet my parents was about a month into our courtship while we were at college. He was in the back bathroom working on our laundry when I bounded down the back stairs to go see him. He turned to me and said "You never told me about the ghost in your house." He saw a matronly woman with a dress from the turn of the century dress from about the waist up. She was looking at him and smiling as if she thought what he was doing was cute.

Here is the big kicker though. About five years ago the whole family was visiting my parent's house in the middle of the summer and we had a blackout. All of us including my sister's kids sat in the dark on the kitchen floor and talked. We talked about the ghost and I revealed to them that though I never saw her, I always felt her as I was going up the back stairs, and that if I was up really late I would hear a thought in my mind like "you should be in bed young lady" and there was a pressure on my back that would gently push me up the stairs. Heather stared at me in disbelief and said the same thing had happened to her for as long as she could remember. Two grown women, married and out of that house...never told each other about that common experience for fear that no one would believe us. Pretty spooky huh? My mother revealed that night that when we moved into the house she found a beautiful picture of a woman from the turn of the century in what looked to be a wedding dress. We decided it was possible that it was a picture of the ghost when she was young. Mom bought a pretty frame and hung the picture with the rest of the family photos along the front stairs. If anyone asks who she is we tell them that is our family ghost!

7. I am a HUGE Monkees fan. I was OBSESSED with them when I was 12 and have a huge pathetic history of loving them that I will not relate here. Suffice it to say my love for them was finally consumated (well in front of my husband) in 1997 when I finally saw them in concert for the first time and they (because it was a small venue) let me sing a verse of a very fast song. I met Mickey afterward, and met Davy and Peter later.

Tag! Cass, Amber, Nicole, TJ, and Sabrina
Go Cougars! Read my cool quote here.

Funny thing is I played Bunco with the lady who actually spotted the first cougar not far from her backyard.
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