Have you ever heard of Pensecola Christian College? So fucked up. You can get kickied out of school for staring into someone's eyes for too long and making "eye babies". This is seriously what is so messed up about this country. MIND CONTROL people. Jesus would SO hate that this is being done in his name. You have to read about this school to believe it. This is the American Taliban!

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Whew! We just went through some of the toughest days since the maelstrom surrounding Connor's birth (awful, awful, awful). Connor got a urinary tract infection on top of the ouchy surgeries. Tylenol with codeine and Motrin on top of it could not even touch the pain. Connor was literally screaming, shaking, crying and straining at an odd angle all at once. It was like he was going through labor pains. He would go into waves of pain fits. Jason held him on one side and I held him on the other. We tried not to cry to keep Connor more calm. We just cried on each other later.

The DOUCHEBAG Pediatric Resident on call this weekend at Children's Hospital in DC gave us bad advice, and made the situation worse until Jason got tough with the bastard and forced him to call our surgeon. The guy was like "Are you questioning my decision?" and Jason was like "Yea, I am. I am a Family Practice Resident with 2 kids of my own." The DOUCHEBAG backed down after that. Our surgeon was upset to learn about how much pain Connor was in and directed us about what to do. See even when you have a doctor at home, good medical care is not assured. Some doctors suck.

Two shots and lots of antibiotics later (4 days actually) Connor is on the mend. Seeing your child in that much pain just drains you. I thought we had been through the worst of it with Connor's billion other surgeries...this one was over the top.

Ok so it hurts for him to pee still with the swelling, and now he has diarrhea from the antibiotics. Actually this is the one time diarrhea is a good thing because it is that much less fluid coming out of the ouchy part! The bad part of this is that the doctor wanted us to watch Connor's pee stream before our follow up visit and told us to leave his diaper off. Guess when we first found out about the diarrhea? Hershey squirts all over the carpet. Can you tell we are having fun here?


We went to The Olive Garden tonight to celebrate Connor feeling better and to have one last hurrah before life gets crazy in a different way. Alanna ate an adult size portion of pasta on her own, a breadstick, some cake, some bites of carrot and olive...this after some Cheerios, black beans and avocado at home. She is a bottomless pit! We had the crew at the restaurant sing Happy Birthday to Connor just because, he deserves it for getting through this. On Saturday the multitude of Jason's relatives descend on us for a few days for Alanna's baptism. We have a reservation at the Officer's Club for 28! Is my house ready? FUCK NO! Why? See above.

Mass cleaning, oh yea. Bring it. Mass food preparation, uh huh. Drugs to help me deal? I wish. Chocolate and wine will have to do. No drugs are strong enough to help me through this mass influx of in-laws. Think happy thoughts for me ok?
Oh man, nothing is more fun than surgery day around my house. We havn't had one in a year and a half, but before that they were like every other week it seems. Connor had to get a hernia repair, something unresolved since birth, and to get circumcised. It turns out that it was actually an undescended testicle, and that his anatomy was the oddest thing this pediatric urologist had ever seen. Awesome! Leave it to my son to stand out in the crowd. His urethra was ATTATCHED TO HIS FORESKIN, and was all funked up and inverted.

It's funny how things work out. We didn't want him circumcised, but because Jason wanted one less thing for other kids to have as pick on material we decided to go ahead this time. If a pediatrician had opened up that can of worms there could have been all sorts of complications! Even a doctor who does this for a living and was head of urology at Bethesda for 7 years is in awe of his anatomy. It is all ok now, looks fine, but is WAY OUCHY.

How is Connor you ask? Lots of ice cram and movies make him happy. He thought his weenier looked really cool because it is so swollen. He said he liked his "Big Weenie"!

Connor's friends came over today, everything was fine until Alanna woke up and I had to go upstairs to get her. This is what I found: three toddlers covered in diaper rash cream.

I told them to give me thier best naughty look. Look at the defiance in Connor's face evn when busted...that's my boy.

The twins' mom thought it was funny (as did I) and wants a copy. Some days...
Something to brighten your day!

I bought manatee, hibiscus flower and palm tree stencils off of ebay for this South Florida themed bathroom. I love it. Now I can go to Florida several times a day!

Not all of the fixtures are up, but the painting is done!

I LOVE manatees!
Jason took Connor skiing again last Wednesday. Here are some pictures:

Here is where Paulene came out!

Living room

Back of the house

Nice little place huh?
One of our fish had babies! So much for getting all male fish of different species to prevent babies, this one came pre-impregnated!

Here are the babies I almost vacuumed up tonight

Here is the mamma

What the Hell do we do with these baby fish?
I am so glad that the three month block of "Rotations from Hell" are over. Jason gets to work at a 7:30 to 4:30 normal type job for the next 4 weeks with NO 30-hour shifts, and he can take call FROM HOME!!

Not only that, but we had some friends over last night we had not seen since Jason's medical school graduation day, so we cleaned the whole house pretty well. It feel like we have a new start. A clean house, a husband with normal I just need to lose this pregnancy weight and I would have everything a girl could want!

Oh, and I finished painting my downstairs bathroom. I probably have one of the few bathrooms in the world with a manatee theme, it looks so cute! Pictures soon!
Ok, this blog is called "Create Some Joy" but mostly it is a place for me to rant since there are no other adults around for me to talk to.

Here is something funny. I won't tell you how depressed the entire hospital staff seems to be for now.

Connor: I drink juice and soy milk and it goes through my tummy and comes out my weenie. Comes out Momma's weenie too?

Me: No Momma doesn't have a weenie. Momma has a urethra. You have a urethra in your weenie too. Daddy has a weenie, where is Daddy's urethra?

Connor: Daddy's urethra is at work.
It's times like this when I wish Jason had a normal 9 to 5 job. Actually I always wish that, but always do what is needed to help him reach his goal.

We have had 3 months of 90 or more work weeks. I am just depressed. Two fricking 30 hour shifts in one week, and NO days off. What the fuck? Would you really feel safe with someone that tired taking care of you in the ICU? Hell no!

He called to tell me that he would not be home till 8 PM yesterday (he leaves at like 5:30 every morning)and I just lost it. I was sobbing on the phone with him. I had Alanna on my hip and Connor to put to bed. I sobbed in those big long sobs that little kids have when they can't talk or calm down. Connor was beside himself to see me so upset, which made me more upset.

Yea yea, at least he is not deployed. Other women have it worse. I know. But sometimes when the house is so dirty you could scream, your baby has been sick with a fever for 4 days, you injure your foot and have to limp around, your stove caught on fire, and you are so depressed because there is too much to do for one person and you can't do it more thing will set you off.

One more week till he gets on a better rotation. I hate this whole medical thing. I miss my husband. I want a normal life. I am like a single mom who takes in a boarder...that sleeps in my bed.

When someone tells you that they are a doctor's wife, tell them you are sorry.
My life is about whales. Connor is obsessed, therefore I am obsessed. Whales. Whales. WHAAAAAAAALES!

The house is a pit of despair. I am despairing and trying to hides from it, but it won't go away, Alanna has the high fever/cough/throw up bug that is going around base, and Connor is well...still Connor so you know what I turn to? Whales. I watch the killer whale live camera. It makes me smile.

Watch it. You may have to wait a few minutes depending on what the whales are doing, but it will be worth it!