Why do celebrity deaths disturb us so deeply? We don't actually know them so we? Well maybe we do. The human being is programmed to respond to other human beings and form attachments, and we form attachments through visual, audio, and sensory input; two of these 3 things are achieved through TV and movies. Combine the ability to experience audio and visual input from the same person in the confines of your own home on a repeated basis, and some little part of your brain stores affection for this person, or at least the character they play. I have been watching "A Knight's Tale" over and over again for the last few weeks while I work out on my treadmill. I know that logically we have never met, but some part of me feels like a friend who was just at my house last week, has died suddenly.

I am saddened that a man I thought was very intelligent, very talented and very good looking will no longer make movies for me to enjoy. I am saddened as the parent of a two year-old girl that two year-old Matilda will not know her father. I am freaked out that there are two new movies out there that will be playing on the big screen and he will not be will be creepy to watch with that huge shadow cast on his performances. I am saddened that my own personal feel good movie will darken a little because of the sudden death of the main character.

First Steve Irwin, now Heath Ledger, two awesome Aussie men called back to the force. So sad.

If I could, I'd trade Brittany, Paris, Lindsey Lohan and Tom Cruise to get you back mate! It's just not fair that the crappy people thrive will the good men die. Maybe you were just here for a brief time to inspire us to do better. I'll go hug my daughter even longer today and remember to make each moment count.

Good bye Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein, Gelderland will never be the same without you. Rest in peace Sir William Thatcher, wished I could have changed your stars.