Moments of Joy

-Connor watching the Pooh Heffalump movie in the theater all the way through...engrossed
-Connor making elephant noises and arm/trunk motions the rest of the night
-Daddy teaching Connor to say "yaaay" and clap when someone burps (and he's a doctor?)
-Connor trying to force a burb out of his 20 month-old body just for the applause
-Our dog Hailey lighting up with joy when presented with her blanket all cleaned and dry
-Our dog Sasha (85 lb Alaskan Malamute) melting at our feet with love like a tiny puppy
-Having my husband home with me for 2 days in a row on a weekend (so rare!)
-Finding a really good book and losing yourself in it
-Being with friends that you adore, that you really adore
-Extreme Home *sniff, sob* Makeover Home Edition...nuff said
-Having a warm kitty snuggle your pregnant belly

Thank you God for the small happy moments!
All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

What year was it? 1989-1992

What were your three favorite bands (performers)? The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Pixies

What was your favorite outfit? Anything black with my combat boots and fishnet stockings

What was up with your hair? What looked like a bob one day, but when I put my hair up you could see how cool I looked with the back of my head shaved...or sides of my head too

Who were your best friends? My dog Marley, Christine Gunther and Dee Townly

What did you do after school? Went to other friend's houses, ate their food

Where did you work? Everywhere. Fastfood, sub shop, clothes store, seafood restaurant

Did you take the bus? And miss the few blocks of walking, nah. I had someone drive me.

Did you fight with your parents? Yea, you wanna make something of it? Bitch!

Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater, Robert Smith.

Did you smoke cigarettes? Only after I was really drunk, then only one or two which I regretted the next day.

Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker? What the kind of stupid question is that?

Did you have a ‘clique’? Sure, with all of the other people who were left behind from the "rural asshole Hank William's Jr. big tire having four wheeling club", and we invited the foreign exchange students who were so upset by the fact that the came half way around the world to end up in this podunk shit hole of a school.

Did you have “The Max” like Zach, Kelly, and Slater? What the hell is that? Who watched that show enough to find out? From the other people who have answered this, I assume that it was a hangout. Our hangout was other people's houses (or mine after my parents went to sleep). Parties were mostly held in cornfields. No, I am not kidding.

Admit it, were you popular? Infamous is not the same thing as popular. Sure I knew all of the popular people and they knew me, but we did not have a love fest. I could go to their parties if I wanted to, but took the chance of being ridiculed for dressing the way I did. Interestingly enough thou at my 10-year reunion, all of these guys saw me through rose-colored glasses and thought that indeed I had been cool. Those threats were just tokens I guess.

Who did you want to be just like? Beetlejuice.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Happy.

Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now? As I wrote in my year book "happy, healthy, and wearing my boots". I suppose that wearing my boots is not a literal forecast, just meant that I am still being true to myself and am not a sell out.
The Vomit Badge

Jason and I earned a new parenting badge today, we can now put the vomit badge on our Parent Club sash. Connor puked all day, starting in his crib at 6:30 AM. I just thought he was having a bad moment and refused to go get him...that's early for me ya know? He went back to sleep after a few minutes and when I got him at 8:00 he was covered in puke. I felt pretty awful.

Ok what's the worst part about a pukey toddler? The pukey toddler's pregnant mother. The smell of his vomit pushed me over the edge each time and I had to yell for Jason to help me clean it up as I ran to the bathroom heaving till I saw stars. What I really hate is that I also pee a tiny bit when I heave, that part sucks. You needed that information didn't you?

The cool part was that Connor was so happy about it. He was in a good mood and ran around playing, stopping only occasionally to barf. Needless to say each time he puked it caught us off guard because there were no warning signs. He was also very clingy and GASP snuggly. There is a part of us that wishes he was sick more often just so that we could snuggle him more. The child does not snuggle...period.

Highlight of the day: taking his entire car seat apart to clean out the chunks of vomit. We had to unscrew the back and take it all apart to get everything. You feel so helpless when they are strapped in the car and you are trying desperately to get them home while they puke. Oy vey.

On a MUCH lighter note, we now know what we will be doing instead of watching foosball this Sunday (it is against my strict anti-football religion called Colleenism). We will be watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. We saw the previews and it just looked like a bunch of puppies running around on a mini football field playing. So much better!
Would You?

Happy Groundhog's Day, 6 more weeks of winter. To keep yourself occupied, think about this: would you contact old flames just to see how the are? I read this article on MSNBC and have been pondering. In a sense I have.

I have one of my ex's on AOL messenger and read his blog regularly, and had an apology from another for breaking my heart last May after my friend's wedding. Honestly though, the one I really am interested in is my very first love from 5th grade. I found his brother through and have been e-mailing him. Have I contacted the old flame yet? No, but his brother is a good pen pal. From him I know that my ex is a pilot who flies private planes around for celebrities and lives in Orlando. I know that he has a son from as my friend calls her "some fat redneck chick", and that he is terrible about e-mailing back. Yes I got his e-mail address from his brother, but I have been sitting on it for months. Hmmph.

Why is it important? It was important for some reason right before I turned 30, kind of like taking stock of my life and wanting to hear that the people who made a difference in my life all grew up too. Does that make sense? I can pretty much tell you what happened in my adolescent years by remembering who I was dating at the time. I have been with Jason all of my adult life, so that is an easy one.

Have you ever tracked down old flames? Tell me about it.