-Breastfeeding Alanna till her first birthday like the books say to do
-Stopping breastfeeding and not looking back
-Having my boobs NOT hurt after my gradual nursing cutback
-Watching Jason give Connor his Ken Doll sized GI Joes to play with, then having Connor ask for a "Wifey" for them
-Giving Connor his first Barbie Doll so that his GI Joes can have a "Wifey" (one woman and several beefy guys, sounds like a fantasy of mine but that is a post for another kind of blog...tee hee)
-Feeling my sweets cravings start to go way now that I am not breastfeeding
-Walking for 45 minutes pushing the kids in the double stroller every day this week despite the heat!
-Watching Casablanca for the first time with Jason, all curled up on the couch with some wine (really good movie!)
-Selling $100 of our junk at a flea market. Go whales!
-Meeting a blog friend
-Freaking out as blood squirts out all over Connor only to find out that he has knocked out one of his front teeth and split his lip open (fell into his train table) - oh wait - that was not a moment of joy. Skip that.
-Seeing my husband on a regular basis now that he has a better schedule, and finding out that we still get a long really well!
Check out the new link I put on my left nav, a permanent place for Connor's story! Enjoy.

Today is the first time I get to meet one of my blogging friends. Julee is in DC and bringing her family to my house for dinner! I'll post pics!

Here they are:

Julee with a juice box, me with wine.

Connor, Henry, Theo and Iris eating dinner together, lasted about 30 seconds before they went back to whacking each other with swords

Swords turn into guns, a snorkel is a sword, Iris is above such things

Iris plays with Holly the rat, probably not something she has done before. Iris and her Daddy, Eric also played with the ferrets and had a good time.

Connor was very sad to see them go and asked me this morning if he could play with them today

So who is coming over next? Cass? Amber? Sabrina? Actually my friends TJ and Nicole. But they were buddies in real life before we ever blogged. I am throwing them a puppy shower since they are geting their first doggy ever!
My name is Alanna and I am now 1! Can you believe how cute I am? Doesn't it make your teeth hurt how absolutely sweet I look. You don't believe those stories my Mom tells about me biting her boobie do you? Would I do that? How could I? I am just too cute.

Can you belive this picture was taken almost one year ago?

Look at her now

This was her first time standing. She will be one year old on Saturday. Jason will be 34 on Saturday.

We made $193 today and will be selling again tomorrow. All of the rest of the stuff I wanted to sell on eBay are not even worth it apparently. Beanie Babies from like 10 years ago are not collectors items, they are .99 rejects :(. Our 2-year old wireless modem is like a dinosaur. My collectable Barbies are worth $5. Frack. Please let me know if you have any ideas of what I can do to earn some extra money.

In the mean time, enjoy this hotdog cooker:

We are falling short of our money goal for our whale vacation. I am trying to have a positive outlook for our yard sale tomorrow, but the truth is we have just not been able to save up any money. Life is just not stopping so that we can not spend. We have 2 birthdays this month. I need new contact lenses, things keep breaking. Crap. Our dreams are just too grand for our actual finances. We are not making doctor money yet.

I have to put on my big girl panties and realize that we cannot put anything on credit cards. We have no room! Debt is bad!

I just can't face the though of telling Connor that we can't go see whales. He talks about it everyday. I have cried and cried. I just refuse to believe it. I swear I'll sell a kidney on eBay.

I am just hoping and praying. Hoping and praying. Somehow...somehow.

We have a roof over our heads and much more. We are all reasonably healthy and happy. Life could be worse. This just means so much to our family.

Send us your positive mojo. I am trying to hold out on canceling our reservations for another week. Somehow..somehow.
George Bush turns 60 next month! Joy!

Got this from a Photoshop competition at FARK