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Life is going pretty well here in Florida. Connor has a new preschool, Alanna goes to the day care at the gym while I work out, I go to several Mom's Club events a week, and my sexy little business is taking off.

We finished the second coat of paint in our bedroom(started in July)and got our pretty, pretty ceiling fan up tonight. We have never ever done much to our bedroom in any place we have lived so having something really pretty is new to us. We decorated the walls of our new bedroom with pictures of flowers taken on our anniversary trip to Williamsburg, VA so that they have special meaning to us. The bedspread is from the Sears Ty Pennington collection. Love Ty! The green came out darker than we expected but now we love it.

The kids at a "Barn Bash" Halloween festival.

Connor is starting to read and wanted asked me how to spell "poop" and "turd" today, gotta love it. Alanna gets along with every child well and I am always told how sweet she is. I almost don't know what to do with a normal child. No phone calls home about hitting? No blood curdling screams after 5 minutes of play with new children? Hmmm.

Here is my directorial debut, Connor had to bring in something that started with "E" for show and tell. I went overboard but had fun. Enjoy!