As the black cloud that is the Bush presidency hangs over us, it is nice to know that the rest of the world is getting better even if we are taking 2 steps back. Makes me think there is hope after W.

I am referring of course to the countries legalizing gay marriage. Spain just announced the legalization of gay marriage, pretty impressive for a conservative Catholic nation. This follows on the heals of Canada's announcement on Tuesday, and the adoption of similar laws in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Welcome to a world where freedom and love are gaining a foothold. It makes me a little happier to be bringing a child into this world knowing that freedom and love are becoming acceptable for all people and not just those that the "Church" condones.

The happiness that these people must feel knowing that they can legally wed the ones they have loved for so long, and now have the right to pass on property, adopt children and enjoy the same benefits as hetero couple must be outstanding!

I know that as a military wife I am outnumbered here in conservative land. People here must be flogging themselves and running to the church to pray this is not true. Lighten up, no one is making you marry a gay person! The hetero way of life is quite safe. Nothing in your world has changed. Continue to persecute those different from you from the safety of your own pulpit and hate your neighbor just a Jesus would NOT want you to do.

Hmm...feeling a little ranty today. I think my uterus has dropped another centimeter or so. Better wash the baby clothes today and pack my hospital bag just in case.
At my OB appointment last night (ok so I get special treatment as a doctor's wife) she found that my weight is up, my amniotic fluid level is good and Alanna is extremely active.

My doctor asked if I wanted to see if I was dilated, so I said "ok". I am 1 centimeter dilated, 70% effaced, my uterus has dropped by a centimeter and the head is right smack down in the pubic bone area (technically a -1 position).


It took me 24 hours of contractions to get to 1 centimeter last time.


So I've got a lot to do.
I am now 36 weeks, which means that I can deliver at the base hospital 2 blocks away, before 36 weeks they ship you off to Bethesda Naval Hospital. So as Jason put it "even if your contractions are 5 minutes apart, you can drive yourself the 2 minutes it takes to get to the hospital". Thanks Honey. I am having Braxton Hicks contractions every night for about an hour, and now have pubic bone pain. Jason remembered the pubic bone pain from last time, oddly enough I didn't! I think that as a D.O. he remembered it because it was the one pain he could not fix.

Alanna moves constantly, rolling and kicking me all day long. A few times a day she gets hiccups, which are visible through my shirt. She had a HUGE craving last night for Ruffles with french onion dip that made me almost climb the walls till her Daddy went out to buy some for us.

The panic of impending birth is upon me. We have the stroller we want and the co-sleeper, some clothes for each stage and the ottoman from the ottoman/glider set. I have to sell stuff on E-bay to pay for the kick-ass monitor I want and to pay for the glider. I told myself that I would finish Connor's 1-year scrapbook before Alanna was born so I have that to tidy up. The ceiling fans need to be put up because it is hot as Hell upstairs. I have to plant the flowers we bought this weekend...Ahhh! Whatever does not get done in these next few weeks just does not get done for a while you know? When baby gets here, the merry-go-round slows down to a crawl for about 6 months or so. Or, the merry-go-round is driven by a short, pudgy taskmaster with her own agenda.

And just when I said that I was not ready to have the baby, Ms. Thing starts to make my body so uncomfortable in so many places at once, that I start to re-think that statement. I had better keep my comments to myself before she tacks on some more discomfort. "Yes Alanna, Mommy feels great and can't wait to meet you on the outside" *She can read already*
I posted a ton of photos from our Disney trip and other stuff. Click on the "latest photos" link under my links section. Enjoy! Oh, and Alanna says "hi". She just whacked me with both feet like a kickboxer, so I think that means "hi".
I know, you were worried sick about me losing weight. Never fear, the pounds are all here. I gained it all back plus 2! Yea Little Debbie snack cakes!

I am still getting my non-stress tests twice a week, and am still just fine according to my doctor. Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks. Only one more week to go before I am safe to deliver here on base, anything under 36 weeks and they ship you to Bethesda Naval.

Think positive thoughts for my impending labor. *shudder* "So I bet you can't wait to have the baby huh?" Piss off. If my labor is anything like my last, I'll keep Alanna in here till I am 80. *shudder*

I am having Braxton-Hicks contractions every night, and loving them...wooohoo.

The top of my rib cage hurts because my underwire is caught between two cantaloupes and a watermellon. Hah! Jason has to fix my ribs at night. Time to get a non-underwire huh?

We had an interesting Father's Day on Saturday because Jason pulled a 28-hour call on Sunday/Monday. We had a day at the Annapolis Mall, both got haircuts and ice cream. Connor got to run around in the big open kiddie playground in the middle of the mall. After his nap we went to P.F. Changs for dinner and enjoyed the yummy vegetarian lettuce wraps. On Sunday Connor and I took pizza to Jason and his fellow doctors at the hospital. You do what you can with what you have.

Jason graduates from his internship this week. We get to go to graduation ceremonies and a big Air Force dinner on Friday. He will be a big bad resident soon, just in time to be a daddy for the second time.

That's all for now.
I am 34 weeks pregnant. I am huge. I have no energy. Too many things are happening in my life and I can't even deal with it. Everyone needs to go away. Or rather, everyone needs to come and clean my house. If I showed you a picture of how high my sink is piled you'd cry. I'd cry but I am too tired.

I ate a diet of Little Debbie snacks and Cookie Crisp today. Damn this end of pregnancy energy slump.

Please leave words of inspiration. I need them. Just don't leave me stories about giving birth. I am so in denial about having to do this all over again. I may actually cry about that. Later.
My taste buds are at 50% now thanks to some kickin antibiotics! Whoo hoo! I even smelled a poopy diaper today, oh the joys of smell.

The crappy part of this is that I have lost weight at a not-so-good time. At my last level II ultrasound last week they said that I had a low level of amniotic fluid. Granted, I probably was not drinking enough water, but to punish me with two non-stress tests a week for the next month was a harsh penalty. I am drinking over 96 ounces a day now, and it has gotten a little better, but my OB was not thrilled that I had lost like 5 pounds in less than a week! I am 33 weeks pregnant and was back to my week 16 weight!

OH THE HUMANINTY! I am a chunky-sized person to begin with, then I get hit with some nasty weeks of sickness like the stomach bug and now this sinus thing and I am losing weight. Why couldn't this happen after I give birth when I would be applauded for losing weight?

The bottom line is that I am sure when my taste buds are at 100% again my weight will be just fine, I am a pretty good eater. The sucky thing is dealing with the low amniotic fluid thing, yet another thing to worry about. It can be a sign of urinary tract problems like an obstruction in the baby. Frack. Can't I get a break?
I have had a cold for over a week now. I have not tasted anything in that time. Now I have a sinus infection, so my face AND my teeth ache. Eating is now a chore because I can't taste and it hurts to chew. I can't sleep because of the pain. This sucks. Just thought you ought to know.

Green snot. Ewww.